Miércoles 27 de octubre
94.o aniversario del nacimiento del compositor
Jiøí Matys

Jiøí Matys (Bakov, 27 de octubre de 1927 - , de de )

Jiøí Matys

Jiri Matys (born in Bakov, near Náchod, 27 Oct 1927) has entered Czech musical life at the end of the 1940s, armed with experience gained at the Brno Conservatory (studied organ with Frantisek Michalek, graduated 1947), and at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts (composition with Jaroslav Kvapil, graduated in 1951). Jiri Matys was active as a teacher and organizer. He was a lecturer at the department of composition at the Janacek Academy of Arts and Music (1953-57), then director of the Public Art School at Brno, Kralovo Pole, secretary of the Czechoslovak Composers' Union (1967-69) and a professor at the Brno Conservatory (1969-77). Since then he has devoted most of his time to composition (from 1996 to 2004 he was employed as lecturer at the Dance Conservatory in Brno).
Long influenced by neo-classicism, his work is characterized by diatonic harmony, a strong sense of melody, and by poetic expression. The latter is typical for most of his compositions. In Matys' compositional output there are a large number of intimate chamber music pieces, and particular emphasis is laid on solo instrumental pieces, and on music for children and amateurs.
He has written dozens successful compositions ranging from those for solo instruments, over traditional chamber instrumentation (especially string quartets and wind quintets) up to compositions for various groups of instruments in which he favours the sound of viola. Remarkable is his vocal creation with children's choirs forming the most numerous group. Another chapter is represented by instructive compositions and those intended to advanced amateurs to whom the author has dedicated systematic attention right from the beginning of his career.
Orchestral compositions (Morning Music, Music for String Quartet and Orchestra, cycle of songs with orchestra Written by Grief into Silence... , Symphonic Overture, Music for Strings, The Urgency of Time) are altogether marked by considerable instrumental and dynamic differentiation and expressional impressiveness. A number of his works won awards in composer's competitions.

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