Bohuslav Matěj


baptisado 19/II/1684 Nymburk
+ ?/II/1742 Graz

Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský

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el texto en inglés:
was an excellent organist and composer, representing the culmination of the Baroque movement in Bohemia and preparing the way for early Classicism. At the age of 19, after receiving his Bachelor of Philosophy degree in Prague at Charles University, he entered Friars Minor, the Franciscan Convent of St. Jakub in Prague and then, between 1704-1710 continued his studies in philosophy, theology and music, being ordained to the priesthood in 1708.
A decisive compositional characteristic of his is in the treatment of the Marian antiphon, Regina Coeli for 8 voices in double choir, organ and continuo, which was composed for Easter 1712 in Assisi, Italy, where Cernohorsky was sent to complete his theological studies.
Among Cernohorsky pupils were f.e. G.Tartini, to whom he taught counterpoint between 1711-1714 in Assisi, and later on in Prague he taught Gluck, and organ to the young Josef Seger.
His last 5 years of live Cernohorsky spent in Padua as first organist till August of 1741 when he departed for Bohemia. However, illness forced him to stop at Graz in Styria, where he died at the age of 58, in Bebruary 1742.
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Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský
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Regina coeli
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