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Josef Suk

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The son-in-law of Dvorák, composer and violinist, Josef Suk was for long a member of the Czech Quartet. He wrote relatively little chamber music, achieving distinction rather as a composer of orchestral music.
The best known of Suk's orchestral works is his Serenade for Strings, written in 1892. Other works, written on a larger scale, in particular the symphony Asrael, in which he mourns the death of his father-in-law and his wife, represent music of greater ambition.
Suk wrote relatively little chamber music. His Four Piceces, Op., 17, for violin and piano are a standard element in violin recital repertoire.
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Composiciones de
Josef Suk
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Meditación sobre el antiguo coral checo «San Wenceslao», op. 35
Cuarteto Wallinger o Brno Chamber Soloists

Serenata para cuerdas en mi bemol mayor Op. 6
Brno Chamber Soloists

Balada y Serenade para violonchelo y piano, op. 3
Jan Škrdlík, violonchelo
Renata Ardaševová, Šárka Besperátová o Petra Besa, piano