Giovanni Battista


* 4/I/1710 Iesi
+ 16/III/1736 Pozzuoli

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

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Pergolesi was a composer of considerable importance in the development of Italian comic opera in the early 18th century, making a singular contribution during a remarkably brief career. Born in 1710, he studied in Naples and became maestro di cappella there to a member of the viceregal court in 1732, later entering the service of another nobleman, after the Bourbon restoration. He died in 1736.
Pergolesi's early death left much of his music unpublished, and his subsequent fame led to the wrong attribution of a number of works, as composers or promoters sought to make use of his posthumous reputation. Stravinsky's delightful ballet score for Dyagilev's Pulcinella made use of music that was entirely, if erroneously attributed to Pergolesi.
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