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Leoš Janáček

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He was a chorister at the Augustinian 'Queen's' Monastery in Old Brno, where the choirmaster Pavel Krizkovský took a keen interest in his musical education. After completing his basic schooling he trained as a teacher and, except for a period at the Prague Organ School, he spent 1872-9 largely as a schoolteacher and choral conductor in Brno. In 1879 he enrolled at the Leipzig Conservatory, where he developed his interest in composition. After a month in Vienna he retumed to Brno in May 1880; there he became engaged to one of his pupils, Zdenka Schulzová, whom he married in July 1881. In Brno, Janacek took up his former activities, and he also founded and directed an organ school and edited a new musical journal. After composing his first opera, Sárka, he immersed himselt in collecting and studying Moravian folk music, which bore fruit in a series of orchestral suites and dances and in a one-act opera, The Beginning of a Romance. This was favourably received in 1894, but Janacek withdrew it after six performances and set to work on Jenufa. During the long period of composition of Jenufa (1894-1903), Janacek rethought his approach to opera and to composition in general. Jenufa was soon followed by other operatic ventures, but his reputation in Brno was as a composer of instrumental and choral music and as director of the Organ School. Outside Moravia he was almost unknown until the Prague premiere of Jenufa in 1916. Early in 1926 he wrote the Sinfonietta for orchestra, characteristic in its blocks of sound and its forceful repetitions, and later that year his most important choral work, the Glagolitic Mass. While performance of his music carried his fame abroad, he started work on his last opera, From the House of the Dead, which he did not live to see performed: it received its premiere in April 1930. Janacek's reputation outside Czechoslovakia and German-speaking countries was first made as an instrumental composer.
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Leoš Janáček
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Cuarteto de cuerda n.º 1 «Sonata Kreutzer»
Cuarteto Wallinger

Cuarteto de cuerda n.º 2 «Cartas íntimas»
Cuarteto Wallinger

Suite para orquesta de cuerda

Cuento para violonchelo y piano
Jan Škrdlík, violonchelo
Renata Ardaševová, Šárka Besperátová o Petra Besa, piano